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International Conference of Czech Music Council and SEAM 2022-11-10

The use of knowledge about the complex impact of sound and music on humans in the pedagogical process

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NOTIFICATION for the year 2022

Dear colleagues,

this year's MUSICA NOVA will unfortunately not take place.
Due to the total amount of public resources we need for the organization, we were unable to obtain sufficient financial coverage. We want to use a break in the organization for self-reflection and we will be happy if you contribute your suggestions.
Unfortunately, the chairman of our company, the composer Rudolf Růžička, also died.

This year we want to participate in the international conference of the Czech Music Council on the topic of the effect of sound and music on humans for use in the pedagogical process. We also welcome interesting suggestions in this case. It should take place in November 2022.

We wish you a fruitful composition year :-)