Arts and Theatre Institute

in cooperation with

Society for Electroacoustic Music of Czech Republic, Move Association

supported by

Ministry of Culture CR


Competition in sound creations for young amateur authors (under 18 years old)


Lenka Dohnalová, Rainer Bürck (D), Juraj Ďuriš (SR), Pavel Kopecký, Peter Nelson (GB), Rudolf Růžička

10 pieces from 8 authors and 36 sound objects were considered

Category under 12 years old

First Prize
OLIVER BROWN (10 years) for compositions Kostel, Chodník, Lijavec:

Honorary Mentions
JOSEFÍNA ZACHOVÁ (10 years) Vzpomínky na prázdniny:
JAKUB BURIAN/MAYTON (11 years) Chernobyl: , Reincarnation:

Category over 12 years old

First Prize
JAN HUBÁČEK (17 years) Napětí:

Honorary Mention
DAN SMEJKAL (17 years) Příjemnost: , Intersect:

The competition Czech Ear was held within the competition Musica Nova 2014.

Lenka Dohnalová, director of the competition

Rudolf Růžička, chairman of jury

Prague, Czech Republic, November 23rd, 2014