Society for Electroacoustic Music of Czech Republic

supported by

Ministry of Culture, Municipal Government, Foundation Czech Music Fund, Music Foundation OSA
in cooperation with Czech Music Council



International Electroacoustic Music Competition



Jury:  Rainer Bürck, Lenka Dohnalová, Juraj Ďuriš, Pavel Kopecký, Michal Košut, Rudolf Růžička


76 pieces were considered from 23 countries

Category A (compositions of autonomous art electroacoustic music)

First Prize: Elizabeth Anderson (Belgium/USA) Protopia/Tesseract

        Honorary Mentions:
Roderik de Man (Nederland) Hear, hear!

                                                    Kyong Mee Choi (Korea) &Timothy E.Johnson (USA) Tensile Strength

                      Richard Müller (Czech Republic) Bardo

Finalists: Martin Bedard (Canada) Excavations

                            Konstatinos Karathanasis (Greece) Pollock´s Dreams: Liquefield Sounds

          Clara Maïda (France) Ipso Facto                    
Yutaka Makino (Japan) Amorphous
Dohi Moon (Korea) The Grey Smiles on an Empty Door
Fred Szymanski (USA) Eskers

Category B (compositions for acoustic instrument/voice/ensemble & electroacoustic media)

First Prize: Yota Kobayashi (Japan) Tensho

Honorary Mention: Michal Rataj (Czech Republic) SiIence Talking

Finalists: Takuto Fukuda (Japan) 2/2
Kyong Mee Choi (Korea) The line we can´t cross

    Marie Samuelsson (Sweden) Eleven hundred and twenty degrees                               

                            Lisa Streich (Sweden/Germany) Näcken

Special Award for Composition by Young Composer: Jiří Ospalík (Czech Republic) L´Inegalité                     

Special Award for Czech Composition: Richard Müller Bardo                                

                                      Finalists: Jiří Ospalík L´Inegalité
Petr Pařízek Missä Olet 
Michal Rataj Machine-Hand-Mind-Memory

                                                       Michal Rataj SiIence Talking


Lenka Dohnalová
, director of the competition        Rudolf Růžička, president of the jury

MUSICA NOVA 2008, SEAH - Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, November 9, 2008